Office Tour

We strive to create a warm, welcoming environment for you and your family. Our office features a kids' clubhouse area in the waiting room to help keep your child entertained. In the exam rooms, you'll find calming and comfortable color palette with lots of friendly artwork. Step inside and look around by scrolling down.

The waiting room at Bearden Pediatric Dentistry.

Knoxville Pediatric Dental Office Showing The Children's Playhouse.

Peek inside the rustic children's playhouse.

nother view inside the kid's playhouse area at Bearden Pediatric Dentistry. The walls are stained barn wood and the roof is rusty tin for a chic, rustic East TN vibe.

We have a TV, a play kitchen, and all sorts of toys and games for kids.

At Bearden Pediatric Dentistry, children can enjoy lots of toys, games, and books while they wait to see their dentist.

Your child can sit down, relax, and enjoy a book.

Bearden Pediatric Dentistry features lots of birds—in the artwork, on our logo, and on this website!

Our logo may have already given it away, but we love birds!

Bearden Pediatric Dentistry in Knoxville uses the latest in pediatric dental technology and specializes in pediatric care.

We use the latest in pediatric dental technology and specialize in pediatric care.

Photo of a blue bird painted on the wall at Bearden Pediatric Dentistry.

Tweet, tweet.

An impressionist painting of children playing on the wall.

Healthy teeth build confidence in growing children.

Side view of the best Knoxville pediatric dental office.

Thank you for taking our virtual tour—we look forward to serving you!

*NEW For an even more in-depth office tour, check out the Bearden Pediatric Social Story download.

Designed for autistic children, special needs children, or any patient who'd like to get a feel for what their visit to the dentist will be like, this illustrated PDF download will walk them through a routine office visit and introduce some of the smiling faces they'll meet along the way.

My kids love this place. I think they would prefer to come more than twice per year. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The assistants really made my kids feel comfortable when they were scared. And Dr. Elise is the best! She is so great with kids, very up to date on recommendations, and an awesome surgeon. Highly recommend.

- Carley F.